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“Who’ll Stop The Rain” by Creedence Clearwater Revival

    This is a great song to help you work on your strumming.

    Notice that the strumming stays constant, and you are playing basic chords.

    Here they are in case you have forgotten a few:


    The intro is easy, with the acoustic guitar playing the chords, labeled as “Gtr II”, and the electric playing the open notes with the third fret on the high E string played. Don’t forget the accent on the acoustic guitar part, which is denoted by a “greater-than” sign or “>.”

    Verse 1

    The verse is really just G and C back and forth, noting accents. The only change is when you are getting ready to proceed to the next verse.

    This is where you will see the change in chord formation. Notice there was a D chord thrown in above as well. The lead fill below is easy, so you shouldn’t have much trouble with it.

    Verse 2

    This verse transitions from the first verse, and plays basically
    the same thing, with a few different fills and a chord change(which
    is the Bm).


    The interlude has a P.M. in the second measure, which stands for “palm mute.” You will want to mute the string you are playing, gradually lifting you picking hand off the string as it builds. You will do this again in the fourth measure below, ending the song on a G.

    Complete Transcription In PTB

    Complete Transcription In PDF