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Leyenda- Isaac Albéniz

    Asturias (Leyenda), named simply Leyenda by its composer, is a musical work by the Spanish composer and pianist Isaac Albéniz.

    The original version makes use of the piano keyboard’s wider range compared to the tessitura of the guitar, and the key is not suitable for the guitar. Many have attributed the first transcription for the guitar to Francisco Tárrega who put it in its most recognizable key, E minor. According to the guitarist and guitar scholar Stanley Yates, the first guitar transcription of the piece was probably by Severino García Fortea, although Andrés Segovia’s transcription is the most famous and most influential. The piece has become one of the most important works of the classical guitar repertoire.

    The opening to the song Leyenda sounds wicked, but it takes a little effort to learn how to play it. Here’s the first step!