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“Heart of Gold” by Neil Young

    Heart Of Gold Facts

    Bet you didn’t know…

    • “Heart Of Gold” is Neil Young’s only song to hit number one on the charts.
    • Can you guess what two famous singers recorded background vocals on the song? It was James Taylor and Linda Ronstadt!
    • Do you know who hated the song? It was Bob Dylan, who said,  “I used to hate it when it came on the radio. I always liked Neil Young, but it bothered me every time I listened to Heart of Gold.”

    Heart Of Gold On Guitar

    The song’s difficulty on guitar is easy-intermediate. It has six chords in it and is mostly strumming. You should pay close attention to the accents as they lend a lot of character to the guitar’s part.


    The intro grabs the listener’s attention right off the back with it’s staccato rhythm that leads into the harmonica solo.

    Guitar 1

    Heart Of Gold Tab


    Here’s the notation for the complete song:

    Heart Of Gold Tab – Neil Young – PDF

    Backing Track

    Practice playing Heart Of Gold on guitar with this backing track:

    Video Tutorial

    Here’s a video tutorial from Alan Robinson on the how to play it on your acoustic guitar: