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How To Download Over 1000 Acoustic Guitar Tabs

    How would you like to have your own library of accurate tabs of over 1000 acoustic guitar songs?

    Sign up for our free “Acoustic Guitar Planet” newsletter and in return we’ll send you the links you need to download all 1000 tabs in a matter of minutes. Just use the sign up form below to get started:

    Perfect For All Acoustic Guitarists

    The tabs you’ll download are in Power Tab format. We’ll show you how to download the free software that will display the tab. The software will only work with Windows, so sorry Mac users.

    This acoustic song library consists of over 1000 tabs from a multitude of genres:

    • Rock
    • Country
    • Classical
    • Flamenco
    • Blues
    • Folk

    Virtually every major acoustic guitarist is represented in this library. Artists such as:

    • Eric Clapton
    • Nick Drake
    • Chet Atkins
    • Bob Dylan
    • Jim Croce
    • The Beatles
    • Hundreds more!

    Just use the sign up form below to get started: