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“Signe” by Eric Clapton


    NO PICK on this one guys and gals! It’s just too hard to play that way. The acoustic is in standard tuning. For a real challenge, play it on a nylon acoustic if you have one. Talk about a workout!

    There are quite a few repeating parts in this song such as the Outro. I didn’t play the outro here because it is the same theme over and over and is played throughout this song. Also note that Theme 2 isn’t on here because it is the same as Theme 1.

    Here’s the metronome beat, which is set at 176 bpm.


    The actual intro on the powertab score shows the pickup notes after
    the last A formation played at the end of the measures below. For looping
    purpose and sense of lesson, I placed THAT part at the beginning of
    the verse theme.

    Verse Theme

    Don’t let the length of the verse fool you. Much of it is repeated,
    but instead of confusing you by seperating each part, I am showing everything
    together. This theme can be worked with line-by-line, but since there
    are so many transitions of the same chord into the next meausre, this
    should be a little more understandable.


    The bridge is a little tricky. Pay close attention to the rests. If
    you have trouble, check out the audio to hear the rests.

    (Long story short – when you go to the 4th frets, pause before playing
    that part after the little riff.)

    Complete Transcription In PDF