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Time by Blind Melon

    For Blind Melon, it ended just the way it began … with the music. For guitarist Rogers Stevens and bassist Brad Smith, who moved from their native West Point, Mississippi to L.A. in early 1989, where they hooked up with Indiana-born Shannon Hoon, Pennsylvania native Christopher Thorn and fellow southerner Glen Graham to form the band. In between, there was a dream. There was spontaneity. There were great songs and creativity in all aspects of their musicality that led to them becoming household names. Bound together by their music and thirst for adventure, Blind Melon had that refreshing vitality that allowed them to grow their fan base the old-fashioned way with incessant grassroots touring. Unfortunately, Shannon Hoon died of an accidental heroin overdose when his daughter, Nico Blue, was only 13 weeks old.

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