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Sound Of Silence- Simon And Garfunkel

    This riff is set at 104 bpm ( beats per minute ). You will need to place a capo on the sixth fret. Fingerpick this riff. You will basically be playing two chords. One of them will be an Am, and the other will be a G chord. Allow all notes to ring for this riff, and all notes are relative to the capo counting as fret zero.

    How To Play It

    This song is very easy to play and allows you to work with the capo and practice fingerpicking. Begin by placing your 2nd finger on the “G” string on the second fret. Play in this order for the first two measures: “G”, “high E”, “B”, “high E”, “G”, “high E”, “B”, and then “high E.” You just played an Am. That is the order for the first two measures.

    The next two measures are a bit trickier. Begin by quickly picking up your 2nd finger once and playing that note open, and then place it back where it was. Next, you will need to use your 3rd finger on the third fret of the “B” string. Play the open note, then the “B” string, and then the “G” string. Play the “B” string one more time, and then use your 4th finger on the “G” string on the fourth fret. You are playing a G chord. Finish off this third measure by playing what you played in the beginning of this measure. The fourth measure as you can see is the same as the third.

    Complete Transcription