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Major Chords

    The five basic chord shapes are the open C, A, G, E, and D chords. Together they spell the word CAGED which helps us remember them.

    Note: You cannot play every Major chord in the guitar’s open position.

    By now the questions start flying. What about F and B chords? The two remaining major chords are those of B major and F major. These are commonly played as barre chords, with the first finger used to press down multiple strings across the guitar fingerboard. How about an F# or Gb chord for that matter? You can’t do it without using a barre chord. A barre chord takes a basic chord pattern and “moves” it up the neck of the guitar to create different chords. You can barre each of the basic chords shapes to create the A shape barre chord, E shape barre chord, D shape barre chord, G shape barre chord, and C shape barre chord. This allows us to carry the chord up the neck to create different chords.

    The C Major Chord

    The C Major open chord really only involves one type of fingering, which is shown below.

    The A Major Chord

    The G Major Chord

    The E Major Chord

    The D Major Chord

    Here’s a video that may help: