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A Shape Sixth Chord Barred

    A 6th chord is a chord where  a major triad and the additional sixth interval is major (major sixth chord). For example, a major sixth chord built on C (denoted by C6, or CM6) consists of the notes C, E, G, and the added major sixth A . These are the same notes as those of an A minor seventh chord – whether such a chord should be regarded as an added sixth chord or a seventh depends on its context and harmonic function.

    A6 Open

    A6 Barred

    (the audio example is D7 with it’s root found on
    the 5th fret)

    Fret/Chord Chart

    You can determine the name of the chord when the root
    (lowest) note is played on the frets in the chart below:


    Alternate Fingering

    Here is a poplular alternative way of playing the A style
    6th barre chord. It’s the same form with the exception
    of the missing note on the 5th string. It used a lot because
    it’s an easer fingering than the full barre chord.