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I Believe In A Thing Called Love by The Darkness

    Formed out of Norfolk, England, in 2000, The Darkness captures a strong sense of metal and spandex that we all seemed to forget about in the ’80s. Frontman Justin Hawkins’ sense of musical style has gone so far as to already be compared to Van Halen’s original frontman David Lee Roth. With their on-stage antics and acrobatic guitar work, The Darkness is sure to set sail with the listeners who missed the flamboyance of the hair bands. The Darkness does indeed live up to the traditional notions of what a true rock group should be: lucid, precise, and their don’t-bore-us-get-to-the-chorus mentality. Their music is driving, and the band definitely projects
    homages to Kiss, Judas Priest, and Queen. Hawkins sings with the voice of a castrato, much like Freddie Mercury did from Queen.


    There will be a few details to look at with this riff. Notice that you will focus on mainly the same chords over and over, but there are a few variations between measures. The first and fifth measures are identical. The second and sixth measures are identical, and the third and seventh measures are also identical. Now, the fourth and eighth measures are mostly alike, with a small difference at the end of the eighth measure. Notice that in both the fourth measure and the last measure you will have a “vibrato.” A “vibrato” is when you rapidly shake the string being played, while holding the appropriate note. You will be doing this on the fourth fret on the “low E” string in both cases. Most of the rest of the riff will be played using your 1st finger and 4th finger. Play around on the fourth and eighth measures with your 3rd finger to play the fourth fret on the “low E” string. From there you should have no problem using the appropriate fingers. Enjoy!

    Complete Transcription To “I Believe In A Thing Called Love” (PDF)

    Complete Transcription To “I Believe In A Thing Called Love” (Power Tab)