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Mr. Crowley by Ozzy Osbourne

    Ozzy Osbourne. Singer. Comedian. Bat-eater. Enough said. He makes everyone laugh, mainly because you really aren’t sure most of the time what he is talking about. Well, Ozzy has always been like that, but years and years later it seems to take its toll. From being the frontman in Black Sabbath, ( with Tony Iommi himself ) to being a solo man, to starting up his own league of “Ozzfest,” to finally being on a hit MTV show, he has run the gauntlet of stardom, even if he might not realize it. He definitely is “the ozzman.”

    This song is about the satanist, Allister Crowley. Crowley was known for his dabbling in the occult and his practice of black magic. (Seems appropriate for the song!)

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