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“Hate Me” by Blue October

    Difficulty: Easy

    We are going to work on this song a little differently. The other guitars that are played in the song only mimic the actual acoustic guitar, so instead of playing those parts, let’s improvise. Below is the entire acoustic theme, from beginning to end.

    The song is in the key of G, so you are able to use the following scales to play throughout this song:

    I am playing the scales above in no particular order, so feel free to just work with what you see. Remember not to “over-do” it in this song, as it is very low key (at least it is with just the acoustic). I literally just put some stuff in there to show you how you can do virtually anything if you know the key of the song. The scaled part is rather low, but VERY discernable, as I used a wah effect to guarantee that it won’t get lost in the ACTUAL song.

    Let’s Begin!

    Theme (accompanying in G)

    Full Song In MP3

    “Hate Me”

    Rhythm In MP3

    “Hate Me”

    The basic chords used are G, Em, C, Am, and D.


    Acoustic PDF File

    Bass PDF File

    Full Guitar Pro File