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Best Friend’s Girl by The Cars

    Cars. We drive them. We love them. We put pictures of them on our walls when we REALLY like them. Well, gracing the cover of almost any of The Cars CDs is just that. The Cars were an influential and fun-loving group of musicians who reminded us about the one thing we take for granted every day of our lives and what’s that? CARS. “Heartbeat City” was their most popular album, but this self-titled cd had some amazing hits like one you are learning and “Just What I Needed.”

    Verse Riff

    Take a look at the tablature. There are a few things that you should notice. The first observation is that you will be playing a “palm mute.” Remember a palm mute is when you allow your pick hand to lay down on the strings not being played so that the strings offer a muffling sound instead of an actual ring. You will need to let these notes ring. The first and third measures are the same, as are the second and fourth.

    “Best Friend’s Girl” Tab

    Complete Transcription To “Best Friend’s Girl” (PDF)

    Complete Transcription To “Best Friend’s Girl” (Power Tab)