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What I Got

    “What I Got” is a popular song from the 90’s band Sublime.  It’s still widely used as a cover song for many bands. It only has two chords, so it’s very easy to remember. The chord progression just goes back and forth between the D and G chords. But just when you thought the guitar part was going to be easy, there’s a spot for a guitar solo that you are obliged to take because of the reference in the lyrics.

    The change from D to G occurs in every measure. 2 beats on the D chord and 2 beats on the G chord. In the original recording, the rhythm is not strummed but fingerpicked as below.

    What I Got

    What I Got Guitar Solo

    The iconic solo is very brief, but people will expect the same solo when they hear you play it.


    What I Got Strumming Pattern

    If the fingerpicking part is too hard for you to play, you can opt to just strum it.  Here’s the pattern you’ll want to use.