String Bending Basics

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Guitar bends (also referred to as “string bending” or “bending”) are produced by moving the stopped (held down) string with the fretting hand in a direction perpendicular to its axis and parallel to the fingerboard. ┬áString bends are one of few ways to achieve micro-tonality, especially blue notes, on the guitar.

In other words, guitar bends make the guitar wail. In this guitar lesson you’ll learn about different types of guitar bends.Read More »String Bending Basics


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Vibrato adds a lot of personality to your playing. Most great guitar players have a distinct vibrato. It’s a key ingredient for playing good guitar. Learn how to spot vibrato in guitar tab and how to perform vibrato on your guitar.Read More »Vibrato


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A Vibe or rotary speaker simulator pedal reproduces the sound of a rotating speaker. This is accomplished by synchronizing volume oscillation, frequency-specific volume oscillation, vibrato… Read More »Vibe


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A trill is performed by quickly hammering on and pulling off two notes. It’s usually represented by a “tr” and a squiggle line like seen… Read More »Trills