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Reverb is an echo effect reminiscent to sound you get when you are overlooking a canyon and can’t resist the urge to shout “hello” and hear it echo back at you. This probably makes reverb one of the first know sound altering effects to man. If you want an example of reverb turn the reverb knob all the way up on your guitar and strum it. Immediately deaden the strings with your hand and you should hear the echo reverberate from the speaker.Read More »Reverb

“Miserlou” by Dick Dale

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Riff Rundown

Difficulty: Intermediate

Quentin Tarantino used this classic surf tune in the soundtrack for his movie masterpiece “Pulp Fiction”.

It’s performed with tremelo picking which is represented in the tab with 3 diagonal slashes above the note. To do this you’ll simply alternate pick (up, down, up, down strokes) each note as fast as you can. Also, be sure to use plenty of reverb to get that classic surf sound!Read More »“Miserlou” by Dick Dale

How To Use A Compressor

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What does a compressor do? Compression is probably the most misused effect that is used by guitarists. This misuse is probably a result of the fact that many players do not understand what compression is or what it does. When a new guitar player gets a hold of a new effects unit they expect that it is going to alter the sound of the guitar in a very noticeable way. A compressor is not this kind of effect. Think of it as a ghost in the shadow of the effects chain. If you weren’t looking very hard for it you would not even notice that it was there.Read More »How To Use A Compressor