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Guitar Improvisation Exercises

Are  you ready to learn how to play lead guitar on the fly? These guitar improvisation exercises will help develop your improvisational skills.

Improvised guitar solos are made up on the spot. It may sound impossible to do, but it becomes natural once you cover your bases.  Start improvising today with these exercises!

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Fingerstyle Guitar: Low Melody And High Melody

In this tutorial we’ll explore low melody and high melody by studying  a rendition of the song “Danny Boy” in which we’ve applied fingerstyle. The song snippet itself isn’t hard to play or even finger, but you’ll see that there are a quite a few note-related points of interest. This is VERY common in fingerstyle guitar. You really have to understand note values and how they relate, so I decided to add that right here before everything gets too complex. Before we begin this second introduction to fingerstyle guitar, we have to learn something very important.Read More »Fingerstyle Guitar: Low Melody And High Melody

String Bending Basics

Guitar bends (also referred to as “string bending” or “bending”) are produced by moving the stopped (held down) string with the fretting hand in a direction perpendicular to its axis and parallel to the fingerboard.  String bends are one of few ways to achieve micro-tonality, especially blue notes, on the guitar.

In other words, guitar bends make the guitar wail. In this guitar lesson you’ll learn about different types of guitar bends.Read More »String Bending Basics

Basic Guitar Strumming: A Crash Course

This lesson will show you the basic guitar strumming.  Strumming is a vital & basic skill for guitarists. It can be the rhythmic engine of a song.

Strumming is the ‘brushing’ or ‘scratching’ of the strings in large strokes. Like a  pendulum, the hand continues to move (up & down rather than side to side), always keeping time.

Many players fall into the ‘pick and grin’ category where they prefer to just strumming chords and singing along to a basic arraignment. They’ll completely forego the tabs! That’s okay, because sometimes all you need is basic guitar strumming patterns as presented in this lesson.

Ready to learn basic guitar strumming?

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