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Delay is probably one of the most valuable effects. It is the building block that many other effects such as reverb, flange and chorus are built… Read More »Delay


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Chorus can be either one of two things. Part of a song form: A chorus can be a part of song that has a line or lines… Read More »Chorus

How To Use A Compressor

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What does a compressor do? Compression is probably the most misused effect that is used by guitarists. This misuse is probably a result of the fact that many players do not understand what compression is or what it does. When a new guitar player gets a hold of a new effects unit they expect that it is going to alter the sound of the guitar in a very noticeable way. A compressor is not this kind of effect. Think of it as a ghost in the shadow of the effects chain. If you weren’t looking very hard for it you would not even notice that it was there.Read More »How To Use A Compressor