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Stranger Things Have Happened by Foo Fighters

    Both guitars are acoustic, and both are standard tuning. This song has a bluesy feel to it, and though it’s not difficult, once again Dave Grohl reminds us that he is a drummer at heart, and his timing is a little tricky.


    Guitar 1

    This guitar part plays the same thing from lines 1 – 34.

    Here’s the riff played:

    Guitar 2


    Lines 35 – 50

    Guitar 1

    Guitar 2


    The Kicker (accompanying over recurring theme)

    Guitar 1 will play the same theme over and over that you learned
    from the top, while guitar 2 comes in and plays the following
    to accompany the song:

    Lines 51 – 58

    Lines 67 – 74

    Lines 83 – 98

    This pretty much sums up the song:

    Complete Transcription In Guitar

    Complete Rhythm Transcription
    In PDF

    Lead Guitar Transcription In PDF