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Play Along: Slow Blues In G

What To Play

Let’s play along with a slow blues song in the key
of G. We’re going to use the G pentatonic minor scale to play along

Below is the scales most popular fretboard pattern
(E minor scale pattern)

Here it is tabbed out in the key of G:

Here is a popular variation of the scale pattern.
It’s called a sliding scale.

Here is an example lick from the G pentatonic minor
using the sliding scale also:

Cue The Music

Below is a looping track of slow blues in the key
of G. The chord voicings used are G7, C9, and D9. Check the Chords
section if you don’t know how to form these chords.

It loops until you press the “stop” button.
Don’t just listen! Play along using the scale patterns above. For
an example of how you can play along just hit the play buttons on
the 3 audio examples above while the jam track below is playing..
Fun, fun, fun!