“Run To The Hills” by Iron Maiden

Difficulty: Intermediate

In the intro section there are two guitar parts. A rhythm and a lead part.

Here’s the rhythm part:

Here are the suggested fingerings in red:


Unison Bend Lead

A lead guitar part is added on top of the riff to complete the intro.
It is compromised entirely of unison bends.

This technique involves strumming two fretted notes that are a whole
step apart on two adjacent strings (either the G and B, or B and E),
then quickly bending the lower note up a whole step to match the pitch
of the higher note.

When performing them, be sure to listen for the 2 notes to “come
together” in unison. A common mistake is under bending and over
bending the string. This will make it should like it’s out of tune.
A unison bend requires you to bend the string so that both notes sound
at the same pitch.

Use your 1st finger to fret the notes on the E string and your 3rd
finger to fret the notes on the B string. Strike both notes at the same
time. Bend the notes on the B string, don’t bend the 1st finger notes
on the E string. If you’re having difficulty with this technique, please
see the unison bend video at the bottom for more help.

Here’s what both rhythm and lead guitar parts sound like together: