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Beatles Academy


It’s the ultimate Beatles learning experience for the guitarist!

  • Over 100 video lessons
  • Over 100 songs
  • Over 100 resources to download

Instant online access with downloads.

  • Discover How To Play The Very Best Songs From The Most Popular Band Ever

  • Become A Better Musician, Singer, Songwriter, and Guitarist By Following in The Footsteps Of The Beatles

From: Kenny Mann

Dear Guitarist,

What is the most successful band of all time?

Of course, it’s The Beatles.

The Beatles set the bar high with their musicianship and especially their songwriting. And now with my new course called The Beatles Songbook, you’ll discover how to play (and sing) some of The Beatles’ best songs.

Learning how to play real songs is one of the best ways to improve your guitar playing. Learning new songs gives you great practice material to help develop your skills and understanding, plus it will improve your playing ability. With The Beatles Songbook, you’ll discover a fun way to learn songs from The Beatles in the comfort of your own home.

The Beatles Songbook features different avenues of study. It doesn’t matter if you are just a beginner looking to strum through some songs or an advanced student looking to learn all the intricacies.

Song Studies

Featured here are lessons where you’ll find accurate transcriptions with audio examples so you can practice along with the song segment until you’ve got it down. It also includes tips and tricks on how to play featured songs and riffs, so you can go beyond just the tab and find the easiest and most effective way to learn the song. To top it all off we include video lessons and complete transcriptions of the songs for a total learning experience!

The following song studies are included:

  • Hey Jude
  • Imagine by John Lennon
  • Let It Be (Version 2)
  • Across The Universe by The Beatles
  • Blackbird
  • Let It Be
  • Norwegian Wood
  • Birthday
  • Because by The Beatles
  • Something by The Beatles
  • Mother Nature’s Son
  • Yesterday by The Beatles
  • I Want To Hold Your Hand
  • Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds by The Beatles
  • Come Together by The Beatles
  • Here Comes The Sun
  • Taxman
  • With A Little Help From My Friends
  • In My Life
  • Eleanor Rigby
  • Help


Strum And Sing Along Song Lessons

Super fun! These videos display the chords and words and are great to practice along with. Strum and sing-a-long with the following songs:

  • All You Need Is Love
  • Can’t Buy Me Love
  • Come Together
  • Eight Days A Week
  • Get Back
  • Hello Goodbye
  • Help
  • Hey Jude
  • I Feel Fine
  • I Wanna Hold Your Hand
  • Let It Be
  • Love Me Do
  • Paperback Writer
  • Penny Lane
  • She Loves You
  • The Long And Winding Road
  • Ticket To Ride
  • We Can Work It Out
  • Yesterday


Download Complete Chords And Lyrics To Over 50 Songs From The Beatles

In addition to the in-depth lessons, you’ll also receive chords and lyrics to over 50 songs from The Beatles.

With these song arrangements, you’ll be able to be a “one-man act” and play the song all on your own with no help from anyone, or you can play them in a duo or band. I’ll take you step-by-step that anyone will be able to follow. It’s really amazing how many great songs The Beatles wrote. I’ll bet that you know most of the songs on the list. Imagine being able to play some or all of these songs. Not only do you get a deep insight into the music of The Beatles, but they’re fun as heck to play, too.

  1. I Saw Her Standing There
  2. I Want To Hold Your Hand
  3. In My Life
  4. Revolution
  5. Strawberry Fields Forever
  6. Yesterday
  7. Twist And Shout
  8. Birthday
  9. Can’t Buy Me Love
  10. Come Together
  11. Get Back
  12. Hello Goodbye
  13. A Day In The Life
  14. Got To Get You Into My Life
  15. Help
  16. Helter Skelter
  17. I’m Looking Through You
  18. I’m Only Sleeping
  19. I’m So Tired
  20. Blackbird
  21. Across The Universe
  22. Lady Madonna
  23. Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite
  24. I’ve Just Seen A Face
  25. Hey Jude
  26. Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
  27. Michelle
  28. Nowhere Man
  29. Ob-La-Di
  30. Oh Darling
  31. Two Of Us
  32. She Came In Through The Bathroom Window
  33. With A Little Help From My Friends
  34. She Loves You
  35. Something
  36. Strawberry Fields Forever
  37. Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band
  38. Taxman
  39. You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away
  40. Dear Prudence
  41. The Fool On The Hill
  42. The Long And Winding Road
  43. Ticket To Ride
  44. We Can Work It Out
  45. When I’m Sixty Four
  46. While My Guitar Gently Weeps
  47. Yellow Submarine
  48. You Never Give Me Your Money
  49. You’re Gonna Lose That Girl
  50. I’ve Got A Feeling
  51. Back In The USSR


Download Backing Tracks With Full Music and TAB Notation

You’ll download the full Music, Tab, and Backing Tracks to the following song:

  • A Day In The Life
  • A Hard Day’s Night
  • All You Need Is Love
  • Back In The U.S.S.R.
  • Can’t Buy Me Love
  • Come Together
  • Day Tripper
  • Get Back
  • Help
  • Here Comes The Sun
  • Hey Jude
  • In My Life
  • Let It Be
  • Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
  • Ob La Di Ob La Da
  • Something
  • Strawberry Fields Forever
  • Twist And Shout
  • We Can Work It Out
  • While My Guitar Gently Weeps
  • With A Little Help From My Friends

How Does It Work?

The Beatles Songbook can be accessed online. You’ll be presented with a series of lessons on how to play our featured songs and downloads for chords and lyrics. Each lesson is presented with multiple forms of media that include tablature, audio tracks, diagrams, video, and more – everything you need in order to understand and play each song.

The Beatles Songbook is a totally hands-on experience. You don’t need paper and pencil- only your guitar, your mind, and your willingness to improve and learn.

Who’s It For?

“The Beatles Songbook” is perfect for…

  • Those who would like to improve their playing and songwriting
  • Those of you who want to be able to perform and share The Beatles classics with friends and family
  • Those who want to discover the magic of The Beatles
  • People who love playing and always want to learn new things on the guitar

Discover The Brilliance Of The Beatles

Look, The Beatles are one of my favorite artists. I’ve studied and learned from these masters of music and now I’d like to share with you some of the most spectacular pop music ever composed.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Spend 60 days using The Beatles Songbook and if it doesn’t do everything I say and more, if you don’t save money, time, and frustration, if it isn’t life-changing, if it doesn’t work for you, you have nothing to worry about because you can get every dime of your money back under my no-loopholes guarantee.