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You don’t have to visit the crossroads to be a better blues guitarist…

I know you want to be able to wail like blues greats such as B.B. King, Eric Clapton, or Stevie Ray Vaughan, but no matter how hard you try it just doesn’t come out right. At times you might even wish that you could visit the mythological crossroads that Robert Johnson made famous.

crossroads-300x197As legends go, many famous blues players were said to possess powerful mojos given to them from a variety of sources. These sources could include a witch doctor or a fellow blues man. The mojo itself could be just about anything, from a bag full of “magic powder” to a rabbit’s foot. It was simply a lucky charm that many believed gave them that “magic touch”

Are the legends true?

Perhaps, but I feel that there was a little more to it than just luck or magic.  You need to have a bit of natural ability, but what you really need is a strong desire and the right training. That’s where “Guitar Mojo” comes in. It’s like your own personal mojo!

Guitar Mojo is a specialized members-only training program in all the most effective techniques, styles, fundamentals, and progressive topics for blues guitar.

Imagine yourself at your local blues jam. The jam leader calls you up on stage. You plug your guitar in and get ready to roll. The band starts in and there comes your cue. It’s time to show the world what you can do! Wouldn’t you love to walk into this situation with total confidence?

That’s just what you’ll be able to do with “Guitar Mojo”.  With Guitar Mojo you’ll learn how to play blues guitar in every key, play along with jam tracks, and learn how to play popular blues songs. I’ll provide you with step-by-step instructions and plenty of video instructions to help you along the way.

You’ll receive absolutely everything you’ll need to quickly start jamming. All lessons and resources are presented to you via a special Guitar Mojo “members-only” area.

Learn How To Play 100 Years Of Great Blues Guitar Music

There’s been a long line of truly great musicians who have graced us with great blues guitar in years past. Guitar Mojo’s cutting-edge program will take you deep inside some of the greatest blues songs and teach you how to play them note for note, one step at a time.

No Music Reading Knowledge is Necessary!

Guitar Mojo will show you how to play:

  • Chicago Blues: Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf, Willie Dixon, Buddy Guy
  • Delta Blues: Robert Johnson, Mississippi John Hurt, John Lee Hooker, Big Bill Broonzy
  • Electric Blues: B.B. King, Freddie King, Albert King, Elmore James
  • Texas Blues: Stevie Ray Vaughan, Lonnie Mack, Gary Clark, Jr., Albert Collins
  • And Much More!

“Guitar Mojo Is An Incredible Method For Achieving Blues Guitar Success”

With Guitar Mojo you’ll never run out of blues guitar learning resources. You’ll find:

Jam Tracks

  • Download 20 blues jam tracks (Over 70 minutes of music)
  • Play along with slow, upbeat, and shuffle blues tracks
  • Jam in all  keys
  • Jam tracks use only real instruments (no midi)
  • Burn tracks to create your own blues jam CD

Tablature And Music Notation

  • Tons of downloadable tab
  • Download and print out popular songs, blues cheat sheets and diagrams
  • Excellent practice material such as “Blues Guitar Lead Pattern”- which features a tab of  the most commonly used lead pattern in all twelve keys


  • Blues scale videos: This is where I demonstrate how to play the scale pattern for each key
  • Song demonstrations
  • Blues improvisation videos: Learn how to play your own improvised blues solos- this will help give you an idea of what to do when you play along with the jam tracks
  • The “Blues Jam Survival Guide” video

Multiple Courses Of Study

Guitar Mojo offers training in all aspects of blues guitar. With Guitar Mojo you’ll get access to the following specialized blues course collections:

“Blues Licks”

Discover how to play the hottest blues licks.

  • Download complete tab
  • Watch video demonstrations
  • Use them in your own solos
  • Jam track downloads

“The Complete Guide To Blues Turnarounds”

Learn the many variations of this essential blues ingredient!

You’ll be able to download the “Blues Turnarounds” e-book plus get access to online training resources that include:

  • Video
  • Charts
  • Tabs
  • Diagrams
  • PDF download of the e-book

“Blues Jam”

Practice your chops with blues jam tracks in 12 keys.

  • Download MP3  jam tracks
  • Download scale pattern tabs
  • 12 blues scale videos: This is where I demonstrate how to play the scale pattern for each key
  • 12 demo blues jam videos: Watch my own improvised blues solos- this will help give you an idea of what to do when you play along with the jam tracks
  • The “Blues Jam Survival Guide” video

“12 Bar Blues”

Learn how to play the traditional 12-bar blues progressions. Download the chord progressions for each key in standard 12-bar blues, plus the quick change variation.

“Blues Improvisation”

Imagine Yourself With The Uncanny Ability To Improvise Your Very Own Killer Blues Solos- With Ease- To Virtually Any Song

  • Perfect For All Levels Of Guitar Ability
  • Discover The Improvisational Tricks Of Blues Masters Like B.B. King, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eric Clapton, And Albert King
  • The Guaranteed Way To Absolutely Tear Up The Fretboard Every Time You Pick Up A Guitar

“Slow Blues”

Imagine yourself attending a local blues jam. Due to your great new sound, you blow everyone out of the water with your hot blues chops. People start to recognize you as you walk down the street. As you build a name for yourself, who knows? People may even start coming to you for advice or lessons! You may even end up on the radio!

In Search Of Fresh Lessons? New Blues Lessons And Resources Added Daily!

Guitar Mojo never becomes boring.

By becoming a Guitar Mojo member you’ll also get access to daily lessons and resource additions. Every day we’ll present you with new lessons based on popular blues songs! You’ll get about 30 new lessons a month, that’s well over 365 lessons a year. That’s a lot of playing exposure!

Imagine yourself learning how to play something new on the guitar every single day. Do you realize how much better you would play after only a few weeks? Just imagine yourself a year from now with 365 lessons under your belt.

I know what some of you are thinking: “I can’t possibly learn how to play how to play something new every day.” But, you can with our easy-to-follow system.

Some days the lesson will be hard to learn, but on other days it may be a little easier. You’ve got to have a challenge every once in a while to get better, right? What matters is that you are trying. You will get better at blues guitar by using  Guitar Mojo. That’s guaranteed!

Songs and Artists: A-Z

We try our best to offer diversity here at Guitar Mojo. Here is a list of songs from various artists that we currently have resources available for or that will be available in the near future.

  • “Albert’s Alley” by Albert King
  • “All My Love In Vain” by Robert Johnson
  • “Baby, What You Want Me To Do/Rock Me Baby” by Albert Collins
  • “Bad Feelin’ Blues” by Blind Blake
  • “B.B. Boogie” by B.B. King
  • “Before You Accuse Me” by Eric Clapton
  • “Big Road Blues” by Rory Block
  • “Black Dog Blues” by Blind Blake
  • “Blake’s Breakdown” by Blind Blake
  • “Blues Before Sunrise” by Eric Clapton
  • “Boom Boom” by John Lee Hooker
  • “Boot Hill” by Stevie Ray Vaughan
  • “Bought And Sold” by Rory Gallagher
  • “Bye Bye Baby” by T-Bone Walker
  • “Close To You” by Muddy Waters
  • “Country Mile” by Rory Gallagher
  • “Crosscut Saw” by Albert King
  • “Crossroad Blues” by Robert Johnson
  • “Dallas” by Johnny Winter
  • “Darlin’ You Know I Love You” by Riley B. King
  • “Deep Down In Florida” by Muddy Waters
  • “Don’t Burn That Bridge” by Joe Bonamassa
  • “Dog Me Around” by Howlin’ Wolf
  • “Dollar Got The Blues” by Clarence Gatemouth Brown
  • “Drifting Blues” by Eric Clapton
  • “Faux Mantini” by Joe Bonamassa
  • “Fools Get Wise” by B. B. King
  • “Georgia Bound” by Blind Blake
  • “Glamour Girl” by T-Bone Walker
  • “Gonna Miss Me When I’m Gone” by Johnny Winter
  • “Good Morning Little School Girl” by Johnny Winter
  • “Had To Cry Today” by Joe Bonamassa
  • “Hand It Over” by Keb’ Mo’
  • “Hard Pain Blues” by T-Bone Walker
  • “Hard Way” by Johnny Winter
  • “Hey Hey” by Eric Clapton
  • “Hey Hey Daddy Blues” by Blind Blake
  • “Hide Away” by Freddie King
  • “High Water Everywhere” by Joe Bonamassa
  • “Highway 61 Revisited” by Johnny Winter
  • “Honey Bee” by Muddy Waters
  • “Hoochie Coochie Man” by Eric Clapton
  • “I Believe I’ll Dust My Broom” by Robert Johnson
  • ” I Can’t Be Satisfied” by Muddy Waters
  • ” I Feel Like Going Home” by Muddy Waters
  • ” I Got A Break Baby” by T-Bone Walker
  • ” I’m Tore Down” by Freddie King
  • ” I’m Your Hoochie Coochie Man” by Muddy Waters
  • “Jam It Up” by Albert Collins
  • “Killing Floor” by Howlin’ Wolf
  • “Kind Hearted Woman Blues” by Robert Johnson
  • “Lie To Me” by Johnny Lang
  • “Long Distance Call” by Muddy Waters
  • “Look At Little Sister” by Stevie Ray Vaughan
  • “Love Struck Baby” by Stevie Ray Vaughan
  • “Low Down Dirty Shame Blues” by T-Bone Walker
  • “Lullaby Baby Blues” by Keb’ Mo’
  • “Malted Milk” by Eric Clapton
  • “Mary Had A Little Lamb” by Buddy Guy
  • “Matchbox” by Johnny Lang
  • “Mean Town Blues” by Johnny Winter
  • “Midnight Train” by Buddy Guy
  • “Mississipie Blues” by Willie Brown
  • “Moonchild” by Rory Gallagher
  • “My Home Is The Delta” by Muddy Waters
  • “No More Doggin’” by Johnny Winter
  • “No Worry Blues” by T-Bone Walker
  • “Nobody Knows You When You’re Down And Out” by Eric Clapton
  • “Palm Trees Helicopters” by Joe Bonamassa
  • “Perpetual Blues Machine” by Keb’ Mo’
  • “Personal Manager” by Albert King
  • “Police Dog Blues” by Blind Blake
  • “Policy Blues” by Blind Blake
  • “Pride And Joy” by Stevie Ray Vaughan
  • “Reconsider Baby” by Eric Clapton
  • “Red House” by Jimi Hendrix
  • “Rollin’ And Tumblin” by Muddy Waters
  • “Sad, Sad Day” by Muddy Waters
  • “San-Ho-Say” by Freddie King
  • “Scratch And Sniff” by Stevie Ray Vaughan
  • “She Had To Let Me Down” by T-bone Walker
  • “She Likes To Boogie Real Low” by Johnny Winter
  • “The Sky Is Cry” by Stevie Ray Vaughan
  • “Smoke Stack Lightning” by Howlin’ Wolf
  • “Spoonful” by Howlin’ Wolf
  • “Steady Rollin’ Man” by Robert Johnson
  • “Still A Fool” by Muddy Waters
  • “Stone Cray” by Buddy Guy
  • “Sweet Home Chicago” by Robert Johnson
  • “Sweet Little Angel” by B.B. King
  • “Texas Flood” by Stevie Ray Vaughan
  • “That Will Never Happen No More” by Blind Blake
  • “The House Is Rockin” by Stevie Ray Vaughan
  • “The Thrill Is Gone” by B.B. King
  • “Three O’ Clock Blues” by B.B. King
  • “Traveling Riverside Blues” by Robert Johnson
  • “Wabash Rag” by Blind Blake
  • “Walkin’ Blues” by Eric Clapton
  • “Woke Up This Mornin’” by B.B. King
  • “You Can Love Yourself” by Keb’ Mo’
  • And more are added daily!

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Discover how to improve your vibrato with this killer technique from B.B. King. This instructional video will show you step-by-step.

red-checkmarkBonus 2: “Top 10 Fast Blues Licks” Tab

Download this PDF of the top 10 fast blues guitar licks of all time. Every great blues or rock guitarist knows these licks- and them to your own trick bag! They’re fun and easy to play!

red-checkmarkBonus 3: “Returning To The Root” Instructional Video

Discover this trick that will help you get through your blues guitar solos in fine form.

red-checkmarkBonus 4: “Fake It Til You Make It” Instructional Video

Learn how to quickly adapt to any blues jam situation in this video. You don’t have to be an expert to hang with the big fish.

red-checkmarkBonus 5: “Call And Response” Instructional Video

In this video, I’ll teach you the “call and response” method that will give your blues solos direction and keep you from running out of ideas in the middle of a solo.

red-checkmarkBonus 6: “Finding The Key” Instructional Video

Have you ever been to a blues jam and didn’t hear when the band leader called out the key? Here’s an awesome video where I show you how to quickly find the key signature to a blues song by ear.

red-checkmarkBonus 7: “Bonus Jam Track Pack”

Download 8 bonus blues jam tracks for even more jamming opportunities.

red-checkmarkBonus 8: “Better Bends” Instructional Video

Bends are one of the most important blues guitar techniques. The exercises presented in this video will help you to make your bends sing and wail like never before.


Bonus 9: “Blue Jam Chord Progressions” Tab

Maybe you want to work on your blues rhythm playing with our jam tracks. This tab download will show you what chords to play, and where.

red-checkmarkBonus 10: “Blues Walking Bass Lines”

Download the complete tab to the walking bass lines from the jam tracks.

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We’re so confident that you’ll be nothing less than impressed with the program, we’re going to give 90 days of access to Guitar Mojo– including our cutting-edge information, resources, and expert instructors– and we’re going to take away all of the risks.

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Kenny Mann

Don’t Just Take My Word For It. Here’s What Students Have To Say:

Without a doubt, if you want to improve your style, ability, techniques or repertoire you have nothing to lose except the pennies a day this membership will cost. Quit making excuses, this will work wonders for you.

Started playing again after years of layoff. Never had developed much beyond a few bar chords. Signed up with Guitar Mojo. Was up and running in a very short time. Wish I had tools like that in the beginning. Easy to follow and learn from. From basic chords to being able to hang with folks that have been playing for 30 or 40 years. Just took having the information handy and about 20 or 30 minutes a day… Had one guitar when I signed up and could barely play it. Now I have a dozen or more, tube amps everywhere and folks that want to make music. Guitar Mojo did not produce the guitars, but my learning to play and being excited about it did. GM definitely helped.

I love Guitar Mojo – You learn lots of songs, essential techniques, and great tips without getting the blues! This is the best place to go if you really want to learn how to master this important and necessary skill in guitar playing. Hey, if it weren’t for this great Blues foundation, we wouldn’t have Rock & Roll!!