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Blues Guitar Improvisation (USB Flash Drive)


  • Discover how to improvise your own wailing blues guitar solos one step at a time
  • 63 in-depth video lessons
  • Over 100 pages of tab and traditional notation in PDF
  •  Backing tracks for practice in all 12 major keys
  • All files are located on a professional tier 1 USB Flash Drive (opens on any computer)
  • Ships worldwide. Free shipping in the U.S.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
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  • Step-By-Step Course Spills The Beans On How To Master Blues Improvisation
  • Perfect For All Levels Of Guitar Ability
  • Discover The Improvisational Tricks Of Blues Masters Like B.B. King, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eric Clapton, And Albert King
  • The Guaranteed Way To Absolutely Tear Up The Fretboard Every Time You Pick Up A Guitar

Whether you are just learning how to play the guitar, or you already have some basic skills, this course can help you to improve your blues improvisational skills -dramatically.

Even if you already play at the intermediate or advanced level and you just want to refine your technique, this is a program for you. Our totally ground-breaking program covers all levels of experience and expertise!

With my exclusive Blues Improvisation course, you will have access to training and tutoring in all the important areas of blues improvisation.

Anyone can learn to play the blues. Why not you, too? I’ll take you step-by-step.

Imagine yourself at the local blues jam, your guitar in hand, surrounded by people enjoying your music, and even asking you to play more for them. People always appreciate good music, and you may just find yourself the center of attention.

Or imagine yourself and your buddies putting a band together. Due to your great new sound, bars, and clubs are actually calling to book you. People start to recognize you as you walk down the street. As you build a name for yourself, who knows? People may even start coming to you for advice or lessons! You may even end up on the radio!

With “Blues Improvisation” you’ll discover all the tricks of the trade, like:

  • How to play “outside” the box
  • The beginner and  intermediate box patterns
  • The “Albert King” box
  • How to connect the boxes
  • The power of the pentatonic
  • How to play 12-bar blues
  • How to improvise to a jam track
  • The secret to a great vibrato
  • Sliding techniques that will spice up your playing
  • How to wail with bends
  • Thrilling trill techniques
  • Creative picking techniques
  • How to play in any key signature
  • Experiments with octaves
  • Keys to playing above the 12th fret
  • Tactics for transitioning between octaves
  • Blue scale variations
  • How to play (well) with others

This course includes 63 step-by-step video lessons:

  1. The Beginner’s Box
  2. Playing Outside The Beginner’s Box
  3. Sliding Out Of The Beginner’s Box
  4. The Intermediate Box
  5. Creating Licks With The Intermediate Box
  6. The Albert King Box
  7. Incorporating The Albert King Box
  8. Pentatonic Power
  9. Box Patterns Recap
  10. Jam Track Day
  11. Vibrato: Adding That Personal Touch
  12. Legato Techniques
  13. Slides
  14. Trills
  15. Bends Make It Wail
  16. Bending Part 2
  17. Multiple String Bends
  18. Creative Picking Techniques
  19. Outside The Box Part 2
  20. Further Outside The Box
  21. Recap 2
  22. Jam Track Day 2
  23. Playing In Bb
  24. Bb Jam
  25. Playing In B
  26. B Jam
  27. Playing In C
  28. C Jam
  29. Playing In C#
  30. C# Jam
  31. Playing In D
  32. D Jam
  33. Playing In D#
  34. D# Jam
  35. Playing In E
  36. E Jam
  37. Playing In F
  38. F Jam
  39. Playing In F#
  40. F# Jam
  41. Playing in G
  42. G Jam
  43. Playing In G#
  44. G# Jam
  45. Key Signature Recap
  46. Fun With Octaves
  47. Playing The 12th Fret And Above
  48. Transitioning Between Octaves
  49. Adding The Pentatonic Major
  50. Transitioning Between Major And Minor Pentatonic
  51. Blues Scale Variations
  52. Playing Well With Others
  53. Leaving Space
  54. Play It Like You Mean It
  55. Pentatonic Scales For All Keys
  56. Pentatonic Lead Pattern
  57. Finding The Key
  58. Fake It Til You Make IT
  59. Double Stops
  60. Bluesy Double Stops
  61. Double Stop Licks Part 1
  62. Double Stop Licks Part 2
  63. Double Stop Licks Part 3

You’ll also receive over 100 pages of tabs in PDF format that go along with the videos lessons and backing tracks in all 12 major keys.

You can’t lose with our 100%, ironclad, money-back guarantee

I’m so confident that you’ll be nothing less than impressed with the program, I’m going to give you 60 days of access and I’m going to take away all of the risks.

Test drive it for 60 days. If for any reason you’re not absolutely thrilled at the end of your trial period, just let me know and I’ll cheerfully send you a 100% refund of your investment. No questions. No hassles.


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