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Guitar Ear Training


Sharpen Your Musical Perception and Unlock Your Creative Potential

Unlock the secrets of the fretboard and elevate your guitar playing to new heights with our Guitar Ear Training course.

This comprehensive program will transform your musical perception and equip you with the invaluable skill of recognizing and reproducing music by ear.

This Course Begins June 14th, 2023.


In just 10 weeks, you’ll develop a keen sense of relative pitch, enabling you to effortlessly identify intervals, chords, scales, and modes. Experience the joy of improvisation as you confidently navigate the fretboard, effortlessly creating captivating melodies and harmonies on the spot. Through hands-on exercises, you’ll refine your ability to replicate guitar techniques like bending, vibrato, slides, and hammer-ons/pull-offs, adding depth and expression to your playing.

Our expert instructors will guide you through practical exercises, rhythm training, and melodic dictation to enhance your musicality and elevate your performance. Transcription and reproduction exercises will sharpen your analytical skills, allowing you to accurately capture and recreate guitar parts from your favorite recordings.

Whether you aspire to compose your own music, jam with fellow musicians, or take your solos to the next level, our Guitar Ear Training course is your gateway to musical excellence. Don’t miss this opportunity to develop a discerning ear, expand your improvisational skills, and infuse your guitar playing with a newfound sense of creativity and expression.

Course Duration: 10 weeks

Course Outline:

Week 1: Introduction to Ear Training for Guitarists

  • Overview of the course objectives and structure
  • Importance of ear training for guitar players
  • Introduction to the musical elements that will be covered

Week 2: Developing Relative Pitch

  • Understanding intervals and their relationship to guitar fretboard
  • Interval recognition exercises and practical applications
  • Learning to identify and reproduce melodic sequences by ear

Week 3: Rhythmic Ear Training

  • Understanding rhythmic patterns and subdivisions
  • Clapping exercises and rhythmic dictation
  • Applying rhythmic knowledge to guitar playing

Week 4: Harmonic Ear Training: Chords

  • Recognizing common chord progressions by ear
  • Identifying chord qualities (major, minor, dominant, etc.)
  • Transcribing chord voicings and progressions

Week 5: Harmonic Ear Training: Scales and Modes

  • Recognizing different scales and modes by ear
  • Developing aural knowledge of scale patterns on the guitar
  • Improvisation exercises using scales and modes

Week 6: Ear Training for Guitar Techniques

  • Ear training for bending, vibrato, slides, and hammer-ons/pull-offs
  • Developing aural sensitivity to various guitar techniques
  • Transcribing guitar solos and licks

Week 7: Advanced Melodic Ear Training

  • Recognizing melodic intervals and their significance in solos
  • Transcribing and analyzing guitar melodies
  • Developing melodic dictation skills

Week 8: Transcription and Reproduction

  • Strategies for transcribing music by ear
  • Transcribing and reproducing guitar parts from recordings
  • Analyzing and interpreting transcriptions

Week 9: Applied Ear Training: Improvisation

  • Integrating ear training skills into improvisational practice
  • Developing melodic and harmonic vocabulary
  • Ear-guided improvisation exercises

Week 10: Putting It All Together

  • Reviewing and reinforcing ear training concepts covered in the course
  • Applying ear training skills to different musical styles and genres
  • Developing a personal practice routine for continued improvement