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Guitar Bends Masterclass


Guitar Bends Masterclass is a comprehensive members-only training program in the best and most effective string bending techniques.

Whether you are just learning how to play, or you already have some basic skills, “Guitar Bends Masterclass” can help you to improve dramatically.

  • 50 in-depth video lessons
  • Complete music and tab notation
  • Learn a multitude of bend variations

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Guitar bends (also referred to as “string bending” or “bending”) are produced by moving the stopped (held down) string with the fretting hand in a direction perpendicular to its axis and parallel to the fingerboard.  String bends are one of few ways to achieve micro-tonality, especially blue notes, on the guitar.

Guitar bends give your guitar solos a very vocal-like quality. The technique is performed much the way it sounds; by ‘bending’ the guitar string.

Discover How To Play Every Type Of Guitar Bend

Below are a few examples of basic guitar bends that you might find in music.

This is a full-step bend and half step bend. Fret the 7th fret of the G string and strike the note. Immediately bend the note so that its pitch sounds a whole step higher (span of 2 frets). Strike the 2nd note and bend it so that its pitch sounds only a half step (span of 1 fret).

The Whole Step And Half Step Bend

Bend and release. Play the note so it begins at the original pitch,  bend it up one whole step, and then release the bend; returning to the original tone.

Bend And Release

Bend and hold.

Bend And Hold

Pre-bend and pre-bend and release.  A pre-bend occurs when you bend the note up before you strike the note.

These are just a few of the types of guitar bends that you’ll discover in the program. With “Guitar Bends Masterclass” we’ll cover every type of guitar bend.

Lessons include:

    • Easy Bends
    • Micro-Bend
    • Half-Step Bend
    • 3/4 Bend
    • Full-Step Bend
    • Full Bend and Release
    • Bend Release And Pull-Off
    • Various Pitch Release
    • Bends With Light And Heavy Vibrato
    • Release With Vibrato
    • Vibrato Vs. No Vibrato
    • Big Bends: 1 1/2 Step Bend
    • Big Bends: 2-Step Bend
    • Big Bends: By Comparison
    • The Disharmonic Bend
    • Honky Tonk Bend 1
    • Honky Tonk Bend 2
    • Honky Tonk Bend 3
    • Honky Tonk Bend Combo
    • Lick: For The Love Of Bends
    • Lick: Hybrid Theory Bends
    • Lick: Pre-Bend And Unison Bend
    • Lick Two String Bend Double Stop 1
    • Lick Two String Bend Double Stop 2
    • Lick Unison Bend Rock Lick
    • Multiple String Bends: Two String Half-Steps
    • Multiple String Bends: One Finger Two String Bend
    • The Pre-Bend
    • Pre-Bend And Release
    • Pre-Bend Lick
    • Rock And Roll Bend 1
    • Rock And Roll Bend 2
    • Gradual Bend
    • Gradual Release
    • Pre-Bend Hold and Release
    • Picking Gradual Bends
    • Common Unison Bends
    • Unison Bend And Release
    • Pre-Bend Unison
    • Plus: Real-World Examples
    • And Even More!

Sample Lesson

Here’s a sneak peek:

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