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Locating Every The D Note On The Fretboard

    Here is a fun and educational exercise. We’ll locate all of the D notes on our guitar and practice playing them.

    The D notes on each string come out like this:

    • E String – 10th Fret
    • A String – 5th Fret
    • D String – Open
    • G String – 7th Fret
    • B String – 3rd Fret
    • High E   – 10 Fret

    It’s one thing to simply memorize it, but it’s much better if you spend time finding them with your guitar in hand. Here’s what they look like on the fretboard:

    all d notes

    All D notes

    Once you think you’ve got it down practice playing each D note on each string in quick succession. It’s a really helpful exercise to perform and may help cement the locations of these notes in your mind:

    all d notes tab

    You’ll find more D notes above the 12th fret. Just add 12 frets to get to the D note in the higher octave. For example, there’s a D on the 10th fret of the E strings. If we add 12 to that, we end up with 22, so therefore we know that there is another D note on the 22nd fret of the E strings.