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Let It Be (Version 2)

    The original song was done mostly with piano, but this fingerstyle rendition of the song “Let It Be” is a lot of fun to play. It doesn’t replicate the piano part but takes the melody and chord progression and combines them for instrumental solo performance.

    This riff will help you tremendously by using your thumb for the bass notes when picking. With this style of music (classical fingerpicking), you will almost always use your thumb to pick the bass notes.

    Main Theme

    Here is what the parts sound like from beginning to end :

    Part 1

    Let It Be


     Part 2


    Complete Tab

    Complete Transcription (PDF)

    Complete Transcription  (Power Tab)

    Chords And Lyrics

    For the complete chords and lyrics for “Let It Be” download and print out the text file below.

    Let It Be.txt