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“Drive” by REM

    Difficulty: Easy – Intermediate

    Here are all the chords used :

    Dm G

    Em C

    The song is performed at 72 bpm (beats per minute).

    There are some tricks to this song. Notice at the VERY beginning
    of the verse, you are asked to play a D. That is NOT a D chord.
    That is saying that you need to play the fourth string (the D
    string) open. You will just simply play that string only. This
    happens quite a bit in this song, so be prepared. If there is
    a number beside the circled number, that tells you what fret to
    play it on. Like in the F#, you will play the sixth string (Low
    E) on the second fret.


    Verse Theme


    I didn’t go back to Verse 2 for this part, because it is the
    same as Verse 1. What you see is what I played.

    After the bar above, you should go back to the Verse Theme again.
    Then, you will go BACK to the part below :


    This was played through as you see it.


    Complete Transcription in PDF Format

    Complete Transcription in PTB Format