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Blues Jam In E

Let’s play along with a blues shuffle in the key of E. Let’s use the E pentatonic minor scale to play along with. 

The Scale To Use

Below is the scales most popular fretboard pattern tabbed out in the key of E:

blues jam E

What To Play

Here are a couple examples of licks you could use with the E pentatonic minor:

Cue The Blues Jam In E

Below is a looping track of a blues shuffle in the key of E. The chord voicings used are E, A, and B(B7).

It loops until you press the “stop” button. Don’t just listen! Play along using the scale pattern above.

The Rhythm Part

Here is the rhythm part if you want to play along with it. It employs the “quick change” 12 bar blues progression (more on this in the private site).