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Working Class Hero by John Lennon

    This song has been done by Green Day, but here’s the John Lennon version. There are two guitars, where one actually is the melody line. The up and down arrows indicate strumming patterns. Pay close attention to the bass notes, which will be on the Low E string and the A string.

    Here is the acoustic guitar, in standard tuning:

    Intro/Verse 1

    This is just a variation of Am and G over and over, with a D thrown in near the end. The only things to watch for are the hammer-ons and the time changes. However, you probably won’t even notice the time changes.

    Here is the melody that accompanies it, in standard tuning:

    Here is the entire intro and verse:

    Now, practice it with the rhythm below:

    Verse 2

    Here is the melody that accompanies it:

    Here is Verse 2:

    Here is the rhythm for practice on the melody:


    Acoustic Guitar:

    Here is the melody that accompanies it:

    Complete Transcription In Guitar Pro

    Complete Melody Transcription In PDF

    Complete Acoustic Guitar Transcription In PDF