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Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton

    Difficulty: Easy – Intermediate

    In this lesson I will show you how to play the
    rhythm and lead guitar parts from the intro to the Clapton classic “Wonderful

    Hear This Lesson:

    Rhythm Guitar

    The rhythm guitar part is the hardest of the two. The G, D/F#, C, D
    chord progression is played arpeggio style.

    Here’s what it sounds like at normal speed (94 beats per minute)

    You can also use the above audio track to practice playing the lead
    along with the rhythm.

    Lead Guitar

    This is a really easy lead. If you have little or no prior experience
    playing lead, this would be a great start!

    Here it is at normal speed:

    You can use the above audio track to practice the rhythm along with
    the lead.

    Riff Resources

    Complete Transcription
    To “Wonderful Tonight ” (PDF)

    Complete Transcription
    To “Wonderful Tonight ” (Power Tab)