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George Yohanek

I have been actively playing the guitar for about a year now and have formed a little group to play with, two more guitars and a key board player. The lessons we have gleamed from the Guitar-Alliance site has helped us over many of the rough spots we could never agree on what or how to do it. Thanks Guys but keep the good news coming.


I have found guitaralliance to be very useful and an excellent site that I have constantly used since I joined.My membership paid for itself the first day I joined and I would strongly recommend membership to any player at any level of skill.



Rick H

Hi I never played very well before I signed up here, I’m learning great new things. I always used tab music and only learnt to play a few songs, and alot of bits of songs. This site gives me awesome practice riffs and chords and it is alot easier than I thought it would be. If their was awards for guitar teaching sites Guitar Alliance should absolutely get one, thank you so much for everything so far, I can’t wait for new lessons to come in my e-mail, and when they do come i go right away to see what it is and start immediately, Thanks Guys


I am very pleased with the information and help provided by Guitar Alliance. I am also very happy with the cooperative attitude of the folks running the site. Got a problem or a question? Just contact them they always respond. Keep up the good work.

John McLynn

I Love your site!! The guitar alliance and guitar mojocovers it all, from country blues to blues licks, from BB King to Stevie Ray Vaughn. Besides tablature, sound loops and even movies, there are also jam tracks to play along with. Every time I go on the site, I spend a lot longer than I planned. A great value for a small price.

Dick Davies

After thirty years I am getting back to guitar, this time with an emphasis on lead. It has taken three months for the left hand to know what the right hand is doing. Guitar Alliance is my midnight teacher and a constant source of new techniques, ideas and motivation. I marvel at how well Guitar Alliance uses the internet to provide personal instruction that never gets distracted or bored, for as much time as I have, whenever I have time.

Ernie Mann

Guitar Alliance was recomended by Andrew Koblick who I also have as a teacher. You are both the greatest cant thank you enough. I look forward to each lesson.

Ben Beck

Guitar Alliance is so awesome. I have purchased many guitar software programs and this is by far the best. I love the jam tracks, they are so much fun to solo over. I really enjoy the website and I use it all the time for practicing.

Jonny Lingo

Guitar Alliance helped me so much. Now I can actually attract a sizeable crowd in the band room at school when I’m jamming out.

Candice Tripp

I’ve been a subscriber since dec. 2004 and I’ve been going to the site whenever I need help, tabs, or advice. I was surprised when I first found the site because it had so much information packed into one site. Gutiar Alliance has helped me become a better beginner player. Thanks!!

Lee Ashe

Guitar Alliance is the most inovative teaching tool on the market today..period. Kenny Mann has developed engenious methods for learning the guitar heads and above all other…!! Do not wait any longer sign up for the lifetime membership if you are really serious about learning to play above and beyond your wildest expectations…come aboard and join the team..!!! It is absolutely the greatest…!!!

Tim Caple

being a new member i have not had very much time to absorb much that you have to offer and am still working at learing on how to navigate around your site but so far everything looks very exciting and informative


Although I haven’t recorded any riffs or the like for guitar alliance I would like to note that even though I play professionally and have done so now for over 35 years I still find info and new material highly available and helpful on this site ! Keeping up with gigs on the road as well as running an internet business, (I buy ,sell & trade in New, used and especially “Vintage Guitars). This site helps me to manage time and get new material worked out so much faster than sitting down and working it out myself! Then I can relate the chord changes, keys etc. to the rest of the members of the group and conserve enormous amounts of time. I prefer to keep the groups nae as well as my own anonymous but I assure you most of you are familiar with our work. In fact some of my work with a previous group is available on this site ! Thanks to all for your support and I encourage all Guitar players to take advantage of the availability of Riff-O Matic & Guitar alliance. It is used by more pro’s than you might think ! Good Luck & “KEEP ON PICKIN” ! Chuck

David Ehlert

Wow, this site is the best. In no time I learned the basics to scales, appregos, and harmonics. This site is worth every penny and everyday it gets better and offers more things to help you learn guitar. Thanks.


i am 59 yrs, young and just learning to play your site is a tremendous help for me i really dont have money to buy lessons but i work hard at practice thanks for having your site available to all

James White

Dear Guitar-Alliance, Your website is a dream come true. Guitar-Alliance has helped me develope skills I couldnt dream of. Starting from scratch there site gave me audio and videos to follow by which was easy to hear and very easy to follow. Step by Step Tutorials which reveal alot of info! Im so thankfull for Guitar-Alliance. They helped motivate and inspire me that i could be a great guitar player. Thank you so much Guitar-Alliance!


I am enjoying Guitar Alliance for resource material and valuable lessons. My situation may be a little different from others. I used to play years ago. I didn’t play for 45 years! This site has been very valuable to me as I seek to regain old skills and learn new ones. The site offers a lot to choose from. Keep it up! Thanks

Ed McNevin

I have been playing the guitar for about twenty years. I am not at all a good guitar player. I played mostly chords. I retired and have been spending a lot of time on music theory. I find Guitar-Alliance very helpful. Since I have joined and starting working with some of the programs, my playing has improved considerably.

Ray Robinson

Hi, I am 62 years of age, when I was in my early twenties, I learnt a few cords to allow me to play some skiffle tunes, i.e. Lonnie Donegan type songs, but never managed to get any further,so, I stopped, 2 years ago on holiday I bought a new Guitar “Gibson Epiphone” inetending to start again just for my own enjoyment, but, tried all sorts of learning books, music lessons etc., none of these worked, far too complicated, but now, since buying my membership with Guitar Alliance only a week ago, I find so easy and simple to follow, with notation, video and audio examples it can`t be easier, and I have not put the Guitar down since, it has given me the inspiration to start all over again as an beginner, now onto lesson 2 and enjoying every minute. Thanks, all that read this, “Give it Go” you won`t regret it. Ray Robinson

Daniel Cash

I began playing guitar ruffly 2 1/2 years ago. I bought a simple accoustic guitar from my friend and a chord book and began self teaching myself. At first it seemed tough, my fingers hurt all the time and i wanted to give up because i couldn’t quite “get” it down. From there on, i began hanging out with a bunch of people who played guitar, picking up this and that from different people. About a year into playing my father bought me an electric guitar kit and this really boosted my playing because it was so much easier to play electric than accoustic. Also the action on my accoustic guitar wasn’t that great, until i learned to adjust the truss rod inside of it. Now i have a simon and patrick electric accoustic with a cutaway and a fender american stratocaster, both of which i enjoy playing. I lead worship for my youth group at my church along with my friend chris who also plays guitar. I love guitar, what can you say it has made me such a better person for it

Ken Oxford

Hi, to anyone who considering joining this amazing website (Guitar Alliance) I would strongly recommend that you do I first joined some two years ago, before that I was attending one to one tuition of which I would suggest any newcomer to do, just to have the basics demonstrated to you but as a follow up, joining this forum is a must I researched into many online instruction courses but truly there is no other to top this one, Its contents are instructive ranging from classics,Ballads, Pop and Rock all questions and queries are promptly replied to and the structure is designed in easy to understand format from novices to advanced players. There is little more I can say except you will not be disappointed should you join. Ken Oxford UK

Stuart Gray

I have to say I am very pleased with Guitar Alliance! In the past few months that I have used the site, I found my technique and playing abilities have increased steadily thanks to the great lessons! Although I have not begun to “scratch the surface” of playing guitar, and there’s a lot I should learn, Guitar Alliance has helped me improve and given me encouragement to continue to practice. Other guitarists I know comment that I’m getting better each time we play together, so that is further proof of the membership. Thank you Guitar Alliance!!!

Rob Kirby

I have been playing guitar for many, many years and every once in a while I begin teaching again. This is one of the times. I started teaching the last few months and found out about Guitar Alliance. Not only have I found great materials for teaching my students but I have enjoyed the features such as jamming along with Jam Tracks and learning a few things myself along the way. I have never been a big theory guy so Guitar Alliance has helped me bridge the gap with their step by step lessons and have made concepts easy to grasp. I especially enjoy the CAGED system as I had always used it and never could articulate it like Guitar Alliance has done. Great job. Keep working on it guys, though you are very unique in what you offer, there’s still a lot of work to be done! I have even decided to become an affiliate and share Guitar Alliance with my students and Colleagues. Hey, it can’t hurt and will help to further their education on the guitar as well!

Bryan Rogers

Very well organized and thorough site. The backing tracks have helped me tremendously in my playing. I took private lessons for 3 months and found that I was’nt into the whole structured lessons format. I log onto the GA website and print out what I need and it’s been going great . Thanks!


I have really learned a lot from The Guitar alliance website. They have enabled me to improve my guitar playing skills at a very advanced stage, I would encourage anyone who is serious about music to visit this site and become a member so as to receive a vast amount of music knowledge. They are the best!!

Fhearl Fernandez

It’s so great of being a member of guitar alliance. Honestly, i’ve learned a lot from this site. I am fun of searching such information which guitar given us freely. thank you very much for the opportunity that you have given to us especially to Mr. Kenny Mann

Bill Heggie

The quality of instructional material available on Guitar Alliance, its intuitive – and fun to use – design, and the fact that it’s always available make Guitar Alliance one of the best values available in the field. GA rocks, and I’m a better guitarist for it.