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Ten Easy Classic Rock Guitar Riffs

    I present to you ten instantly recognizable riffs from some of the biggest rock acts in history. Wanna know what the cool part is? They’re all easy to learn!

    That’s right, here are ten riffs you should be able to play, no matter what your level. They serve as a great confidence booster and introduction to classic rock guitar.

    So, are you ready to rock out to Hendrix, Zeppelin, Clapton, and others?

    Here’s the list:

    1.  Smoke On The Water
    2. Rock You Like A Hurricane
    3. Whole Lotta Love
    4. Cocaine
    5. Highway To Hell
    6. Iron Man
    7. (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction
    8. The Wind Cries Mary
    9. Tush
    10. Midnight Rider

    Download The Tab

    Here’s the tab for the video:

    “Ten Easy Rock Riffs” PDF

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