Basic Guitar Strumming: A Crash Course

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This lesson will show you the basic guitar strumming.  Strumming is a vital & basic skill for guitarists. It can be the rhythmic engine of a song.

Strumming is the ‘brushing’ or ‘scratching’ of the strings in large strokes. Like a  pendulum, the hand continues to move (up & down rather than side to side), always keeping time.

Many players fall into the ‘pick and grin’ category where they prefer to just strumming chords and singing along to a basic arraignment. They’ll completely forego the tabs! That’s okay, because sometimes all you need is basic guitar strumming patterns as presented in this lesson.

Ready to learn basic guitar strumming?

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C Shape Barre Chord

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While the C major in open position should be no sweat to you by now, the barred version is a little more challenging.

It’s hard to get at first, but don’t you dare skip it. It’s important know this shape.Read More »C Shape Barre Chord

G Shape Barre Chord

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This can be the trickiest barre chord shape to play. To play it, you may want to just omit playing the high E string. This is how I play it. It makes it much more practical to use.

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Easy Strumming Exercise

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In this lesson, we are going to work with some really simple basic exercises in beginner strumming. It is most important to learn the absolute basics from square one, mainly because you have to know the preliminaries before you can move on to the more advanced and technical strumming patterns.Read More »Easy Strumming Exercise

Changing Chords

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The most important thing to remember when playing chords is that each note in a chord must be pressed down as a unit, not separately.

Here I will give you a couple of exercises that will help you establish the habit of pressing down each chord as a unit.Read More »Changing Chords