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Dm7: open chord diagram

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Minor Seventh (formally “minor/minor seventh”, also m7,-7): root, minor third, perfect fifth, minor seventh.

Learning The Guitar

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I remember when I first started learning the guitar. I had a cheap little blue electric guitar with a matching amp that my parents bought me when I was 12. Every since that day, I’ve been expanding my knowledge of the instrument.

At first, though, it was hard playing that little blue guitar. I couldn’t remember the names of the notes, so I wrote the names on masking tape and tapped it them directly on the fretboard. What a mess it made! Read More »Learning The Guitar

How To Read A Chord Diagram

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Chords are 3 notes played at the same time. There are all types of chords. The most common chord is the major chord. Minor chords and Dominant 7th chords are used quite often as well. Some of them may have strange sounding names at first, but don’t let the name scare you.

Chord diagrams show you how to play new chords. This lesson (with video) will show you how how to read a chord diagram.

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Use the chord diagram to learn how to play the G6 chord on guitar. This is the most commonly used version of the chord. Read More »G6