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Goodbye Blue Sky Verse 1

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D-D-D-did you see the frightened ones ? D-D-D-did you hear the falling bombs ?

Guitar Questions? We’ve Got Answers

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Do you have burning guitar questions? Don’t lie.  I bet you have a few. I know I did when I was a budding guitar student a million years ago. The world of guitar (and music in general) contains so many mysteries. It’s only natural to have a lot of questions.

Through the years I’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions of guitar students and have provided the answers to these questions. In this post I’ve provided you with links to these questions/answers. I hope you find them useful.

Take a look at the questions. If you don’t know the answer to the questions, then please follow the link to discover them. It’s important you understand these core ideas. And I’ll tell you why…Read More »Guitar Questions? We’ve Got Answers

What Is The Blues?

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blues (blz)

  1.  A state of depression or melancholy. Often used with the.
  2. 2. A style of music evolved from southern African-American secular songs and usually distinguished by a syncopated 4/4 rhythm, flatted thirds and sevenths, a 12-bar structure, and lyrics in a three-line stanza in which the second line repeats the first: “The blues is an expression of anger against shame and humiliation” (B.B. King).Read More »What Is The Blues?