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About Scales

2 Octave Major Scale

In this session I will introduce to you a version of the major scale that spans 2 octaves and all six strings. The PDF for this session will be great to practice building speed.

In the video below I perform this session’s exercise at three different tempos. Try to play along, or practice it on your own. In the video I stop at about the 12 fret, but you can keep going up the fretboard if you so desire.Read More »2 Octave Major Scale

Moving Scale Shapes

There is a big difference between a scale pattern and the actual scale. The actual scale is only 5 notes. When we are learning scale patterns we are learning the location of the notes from the scale as they appear on the fretboard. The same 5 notes repeat themselves over and over on the guitar’s fretboard. What we need to be able to do in order to play from the scale is memorize these fretboard patterns.Read More »Moving Scale Shapes