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Submediant chord (vi)

    This chord is the relative minor for the key that your are composing in. Also called the submediant, it acts as a weak predominant. vi progresses well to IV or ii but generally doesn’t follow these chords.Try the progressions I-vi-IV-V and vi-IV-V-I. Can you hear the heavens rumbling? Another good progression is I-vi-IV-ii. Are the skies getting dark?

    Next try the progression vi-ii. Now remember that in the supertonic chord section, ii progressed well to V then I. So try vi-ii-V-I. Has that bolt of lightning struck yet?

    The cadence V-I, to end a passage or song, is very common. Compare the progression V-vi. Deceptive isn’t it? Funnily enough it is called the deceptive cadence and adds some nice suspense, especially if you end a song with it.