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Something by The Beatles


    Here’s what all the parts sound like together:


    Lead Guitar

    This lead part is actually pretty easy. Notice that you will be bending 1/2 of a step on the twelfth fret on the “B” string. Also, you will be performing a little vibrato two times in this part. A vibrato is when you rapidly shake the string to allow the note to ring a little harsher. Try to use your 1st finger on the tenth fret, followed by your 3rd finger on the bend, and then your 4th finger on the thirteenth fret at the end of the second measure.

    Also, just for instructional purposes, by bending 1/2 of a step, you should make the bend sound like the thirteenth fret on the same string when in its normal noted position.


    Rhythm Guitar

    The rhythm of this song looks more difficult than it really is. All you have to do is mainly play barre chords. A barre chord is formed by using your 1st finger to barre all frets from their origin. In this example, you will be barring the eighth frets on all strings, even if you don’t play them all. You will use your 3rd and 4th fingers on the strings that show the same numbers on the frets. You will use your 2nd finger for the other notes being played. There are also a few slides in the riff as well. Remember to try to use the same fingers that you used in their origin when sliding to avoid missing the slide altogether.


    Riff Resources

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