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So you want to start a band?

    So you want to start a band? Garage bands come and go, but the resources provided in this training program will help you ensure your band has a long, successful run. 

    First, what goals are you trying to achieve by starting a band?  By that, I mean, do you want a small, local band to provide your creative release, make some extra money, or get you free drinks?  Or, do you want to be the next Guns n Roses?  The first thing you’ve got to know about bands is most do NOT make it big.   I know, your parents already told you that when you were sixteen.  But, it’s important information to remember.  Very few musicians would snub the shot at being hugely famous, but can you be content with being regionally popular?  However, there is absolutely NO REASON why a group of talented individuals can’t establish themselves as a respected act, both locally and regionally, if not nationally.  Dwindling are the days when major record labels decided what was cool.  While, admittedly, they do still have the advantage of money-powered distribution behind them, the internet age has enabled us all to create a web sensation.

    The biggest obstacle musically-competent bands face is finding their market!  It makes about as much sense marketing traditional bluegrass to goth teenagers as building a city where there’s no sustainable source of drinking water.  Oh wait, Los Angeles already did that!  The point is to know your demographic.  Keep it narrow at first.  Find a subgenre and try to be the best at it.  Then build upon that momentum and move up to the upper level genre.

    Research local music!  Believe or not, these competitors will actually be your best resource in the area.  Unless you live in one of the big music scene areas, i.e., Los Angeles, Austin, New York, etc., you’ll be able to pretty quickly gauge the musical talent that is prevalent on your local scene.  Try to avoid an us against them approach.  Realize that a good music scene helps everybody, and a bad music scene helps no one.