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“Revolution” by The Beatles

    Difficulty: Intermediate


    The intro is set with a slight fuzz on the first guitar. Pay close attention
    to the triplets, which are noted with —-3—–.

    Remember, that is a straight count of 1.2.3. You’ll also only primarily be
    playing the B string and high E string, so all of this can be played with one
    finger, until you get to the last measure of the intro.


    Here is the rhythm:

    The verse theme repeats itself, getting just a little confusing at the 2/4
    time change, back into the 4/4 time.


    Pay close attention to the metronome, as the first two chords being played
    have rests in between them. Also, when you begin the full bends for the second
    guitar part, understand that it will transition directly into the chorus, but
    we have looped this audio, so it won’t actually do that.


    The chorus is really just a recap of what you have already learned.


    Complete Transcription In PTB Format

    Complete Transcription In PDF Format