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Reggae In 30 Minutes Or Less!

    Here are two videos that will demonstrate a very simple concept on beginner reggae. It involves the usage of the palm up and palm down, based on strumming.

    When learning to play reggae music, and as a general rule, a few things almost always remain consistent:

    • Mute the first beat with your palm or simply don’t play it. I recommend muting it so that you don’t lose your sense of timing.
    • Play the second beat, or the “off” beat in an upstroke fashion, with your pick moving from the HIGH E string up to the LOW E string.
    • Do your best to avoid hitting too many notes that are not part of the particular chord or riff being played. This will allow you a more precise attack instead of
      a broad strumming attack.

    Video 1

    Video 2