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Quarter Note Guitar Strumming Exercises

    What The Heck Is A Quarter Note?

    A quarter note is a note that represents the duration of one beat. In other words it gets one beat.

    It looks like this:

    Quarter Note Guitar Strumming Exercise

    You remember that I told you that a song in standard (4/4) time gets 4 beats per measure, right? That would mean that the song it would get 4 quarter notes per measure, because a quarter note gets one beat. That’s why it’s called a quarter note. There are 4 quarters in a whole. For example, a dollar bill can be divided up into 4 quarters.

    Quarter Note Guitar Strumming Exericse

    The the strumming exercises below you are to play the chord progression in quarter notes. Each exercise has 4 measures and should be played in standard time. In the audio example above my metronome was set at 75 bpm.

    Remember a quarter note gets one beat, so we will be strumming the chords on each beat.

    Exercise 1:

    Quarter Note Guitar Strumming Exercise 1

    Quarter Note Guitar Strumming Exercise 1

    Exercise 2:

    Exercise 3:

    Exercise 4:

    Here’s Some Helpful Tips

    • If you’re having trouble switching from chord to chord then you should try playing these exercises at a slower tempo with the metronome. Gradually increase the tempo as you get better.
    • Pay close attention to your timing. Try not to play in front of the beat or behind the beat. Each strum should fall right on the beat.
    • Try to play each chord as cleanly as possible.  Each string rings out and you should hold the chord for the entire duration of the quarter note.