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Proud Mary by Creedence Clearwater Revival

    Intro And Verse

    This intro riff is composed of open chords and a couple of E
    style barre chords at the end. Set your metronome at 116 beats
    per minute to play it up to speed.


    Up To Speed:


    The D above the eight notes tells you what chord to play.
    The slanted lines through some of the notes tell you to play the
    strings muted. In other words you’re not playing the chord but
    creating a percussive effect with your picking hand. Listen to
    the audio example and you’ll get exactly what I mean.

    This two measure passages is played a total of four times to
    make up a verse:

    Pre-Chorus And Chorus

    More of the same here, just different chords.

    Here is the B minor chord that is to be played in case you don’t
    know it:

    Now on to the song:

    The Fills

    Throughout the chorus and pre-chorus are a few tasty little guitar
    fills. You’ll probably recognize the 3rd one. It’s the one that
    come right at the end of the chorus right after “rollin’
    on a river”. The other two fills are a bit buried in the
    mix but you can hear them if you listen for them.