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2 Octave Major Scale

In this session I will introduce to you a version of the major scale that spans 2 octaves and all six strings. The PDF for this session will be great to practice building speed.

In the video below I perform this session’s exercise at three different tempos. Try to play along, or practice it on your own. In the video I stop at about the 12 fret, but you can keep going up the fretboard if you so desire:

Download the “Major Scales (2 Octaves)” PDF

Play it at your own speed. If you can’t play it up to speed as in the video, try practicing at a slower tempo.

Your Assignment

  • Practice the “Major Scales (2 Octaves)” Exercise at different tempos (15-20 minutes)
  • Please review your whole, half, quarter, and eighth notes from our previous session (10 minutes)