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Practice Structure

Here’s a suggested outline of your practice session including suggested time you should spend.

  1. 10-20 minutes running through your warm up exercises
  2. 15-30 minutes working through the practice session
  3. 10-30 minutes working on selected songs

Step 1: Print Your Resources

  • Click here for your week 1 warm up routine
  • Click here for the 1.1 practice session
  • Download “Fire” by Jimi Hendrix and “Bumpin On Sunset” by Wes Montgomery in the Song Library

Step 2: Time To Practice

Watch my video on how to perform warm up routine 1. I have a video for practice session 1.1 here.

Step 3: Check Your Progress

Check the boxes below once you have completed each task:

[frontend-checklist name=”1.1 Checklist”]