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Beginner Exercise 19

The entire exercise is played at 100 bpm. This continues from Day 18 where we applied fingerstyle and rhythm. Now we’re going to play some simple lead.

Here is the PTB file for reference. Here is the PDF file for reference.


The added guitar part (third staff) plays 16th notes using a simple hammer-on. Just play them right as you begin each measure.

Here we’ve done the same thing, but on the higher strings. Again, play this right as you move into each measure. They are also 16th notes.

Here we’ve added the 16th note hammer-on and pull-off. In terms of timing, the hammer-on and pull-off should SOUND much like the initial hammer-on from the first lead part. The added Dm7 picked out arpeggio comes next.

Here’s a little bit of a trickier passage, but it’s nothing compared to what we’ll be working with in our Intermediate and Advanced studies, so practice hard on this run. It’s not as hard as it may look. They are all 16th notes, and only move from the A to the D string over and over. You should be able to play this easily after a few times. It’s also a great dexterity workout for your fingerstyle playing. End this passage with two half notes on the D string played open.

We’ll end this with ease. Simply play the opening run, and then end on a Em whole note.

We are going to be revisiting this exercise in the near future, so be sure you fully understand it.

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