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Beginner Exercise 18

These next exercises are all part of a whole. In this exercise, we’re going to revert back to an older exercise and add some depth to it using chord variations that you may or may not recognize. We’ll be adding it to the exercise found in Lessons 11 and 12 of our beginner series.

The fingerings from 11 and 12 can be played anyway you see fit since we’ve already played the ‘technically correct’ version of this in previous installments. This time the focus is on the rhythm behind it. It’s very important as a fingerstyle guitarist to practice with rhythm as well, so this exercise will show you how to do just that.

In the video below, I’ve seperated the initial exercise from 11 and 12. All you have to do today is play along with it using the rhythm score provided below. The entire exercise is played at 100 bpm.

Here is the PTB file for reference.
Here is the PDF file for reference.

(P.S. – If you are confused as to what this particular exercise means right now, don’t worry. It will all come together once we reach our Intermediate exercises.)

Video #1 (original fingerstyle)


Simply play along after you have hit ‘play’ on the video above.
Here’s the tablature:

Above you will see two variations of the Em chord. One is open and one is barred. All rhythm from here out plays half notes.

Above we have two variations of the Am chord, open and barred. Again all half notes.

Here we have a neat variation of the Dm7 chord. As you can see, BOTH are technically barred. Notice that I’m only playing partials here.

Here is an open and barred G7 played behind the open fingerstyle version.

Last but not least, we have the standard open Em played during the fingerstyle run.

Video # 2 (rhythm)

 Here’s the video for the rhythm in case you got confused:

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