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Blues Improvisation Lessons

Welcome to the Blues Improvisation member area. This is the page where you’ll find all of your lessons.

This course has four main “phases”.

  • Phase one deals with our scale boxes and how we can use them to create phrases.
  • Phase two focuses on the techniques you’ll want to master to make your playing come alive.
  • Phase three will get you used to play in all keys.
  • Finally, phase four reveals some of the “tricks of the trade”.

You’ll find the links to the lesson to all four phases linked directly below. Below the four main phases, you’ll find bonus lessons, practice sessions, and additional materials that will supplement your studies.

Phase 1: Lead Patterns

  1. The Beginner’s Box
  2. Playing “Outside” The Beginner’s Box
  3. Sliding Out Of The Beginner’s Box
  4. The Intermediate Box
  5. Creating Licks With The Intermediate Box
  6. The Albert King Box
  7. Incorporating The Albert King Box To Complete A Picture
  8. Pentatonic Power
  9. Recap
  10. Jam Track Day

Phase 2: Techniques

  1. Your Vibrato: Adding That Personal Touch
  2. Hammer-Ons & Pull-Offs
  3. Slip Sliding Away
  4. Trills For Thrills
  5. Bends Make It Wail
  6. Bending Till It Breaks
  7. Multiple String Bends
  8. Creative Picking Techniques
  9. Outside The Box Part 2
  10. Further Outside The Box
  11. Recap 2
  12.  Jam Track Day

Phase 3: Key Signatures

  1. Playing In B flat (A sharp)
  2. B flat Jam
  3. Playing In B
  4. B Jam
  5. Playing In C
  6. C Jam
  7. Playing In C sharp (D flat)
  8. C sharp Jam
  9. Playing In D
  10. D Jam
  11. Playing In D sharp (E flat)
  12. D sharp Jam
  13. Playing In E
  14. E Jam
  15. Playing In F
  16. F Jam
  17. Playing In F sharp (G flat)
  18. F sharp Jam
  19. Playing In G
  20. G Jam
  21. Playing In G sharp (A flat)
  22. G# Jam
  23. Key Signature Recap

Phase 4: Tricks Of The Trade

  1. Fun With Octaves
  2. Playing The 12th Fret And Above
  3. Tactics For Transitioning Between 12 Fret Octaves
  4. The Major Pentatonic
  5. Fun With The Major Pentatonic
  6. Transitioning Between Minor and Major Pentatonic
  7.  The Blues Scale Variations
  8. Playing (Well) With Others
  9. Leaving Space
  10. Play Like You Mean It